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UIE PhD course

UIE Intensive Course for PhD Students on Induction Heating, Induction Melting and Power Supplies

Hannover, 10 - 16 September 2014

Institute of Electrotechnology (ETP), Leibniz University of Hannover


The aim of the course is to bring together up to 15 PhD students from European Universities and PhD students from the host institution to take part at intensive courses on induction heating and induction melting processes including related power supplies and to work together in theoretical and experimental work as well as in mathematical modelling and numerical simulation. The students will participate in lectures, discuss their own scientific topics and existing problems under the guidance of well-experienced supervisors in order to take profit for their research studies.

The 6-days programme of the Intensive Course for PhD students gives the general guidelines, whereas the participants themselves according to their interests could also develop the details of the contents. As a result of this process, the created working groups have to carry out the chosen small projects and to present the received results finally.

The project oriented teaching and learning is the basic idea of this kind of intensive course, where the interests of the PhD students are in the centre of the activities. Not only passive listening but also active participation in the work is expected.

About the Host Institution

The research and development activities of the Institute of Electrotechnology are focused on the electromagnetic processing of materials in particular induction heating and melting processes. The description, calculation and optimisation of non-linear electrothermal systems are in the centre of the activities. Many of the projects are performed in close cooperation with industrial partners and other research institutes. The activities reach from application oriented pure research to industrial development projects.

Most of the current research and development projects in the field of electromagnetic processing are focused on induction heating and melting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, but also low-conducting materials such as ceramics, oxides and glasses.

The existing technical equipment includes experimental installations, laboratories and high performance computer systems.

Useful Further Information

Participation Fee

The participation fee is 250 EUR and includes course materials, coffee breaks, lunches and evening events (as described in the PhD course program) and the full participation to MEP-2014 International Colloquium which will be held directly after the PhD course.

Contact Address

Institute of Electrotechnology

Wilhelm-Busch-Str. 4

D- 30167 Hannover


Phone: +49 511/ 762 – 28 72

Fax: +49 511 / 762 – 32 75

E-Mail: etp@etp.uni-hannover.de

Internet: www.etp.uni-hannover.de

Dead-line for Application

31 July 2014